Phu Nelson. The College Panda SAT Math. Advanced Guide and Workbook

For the new SAT. — The College Panda, 2015. — 318 p.

Now fully updated and completely revised for the new SAT. This book brings together everything you need to know for the SAT math section. Unlike most other tests prep books, this one is truly geared towards the student aiming for the perfect score on Math. It leaves no stones unturned.

Inside the book, you will find clear explanations of the tested math concepts, from the simplest to the most obscure; Hundreds of examples to illustrate all the question types and the different ways they can show up; Over 500 practice questions and explanations to help you master each topic.

Exponents and Radicals
Exponential vs. Linear Growth
Manipulating and Solving Equations
More Equation Solving Strategies
Systems of Equations
Word Problems
Interpreting Linear Models
Synthetic Division
Complex Numbers
Absolute Value
Reading Data
Statistics I
Statistics II
Answers to the Exercises

PS: This book has a scanned quality! Although it is still readable and useful overall, you may find some pages with problems due to the position of the book during the process of scanning. Some pages even with 2 or 3 letters lacking at the end of the text line, you will still be able to understand and some you will not (the missing part may be a number or an entire word). I shared this one because it is the only scanned copy of the book, so it is better than nothing. As soon as spring a better one, I will share. Also, I shared PWN math guide, which has a high quality as Panda Math and is not scanned.

Phu Nelson. The College Panda SAT Math. Advanced Guide and Workbook

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