Meltzer Erica L. The Ultimate Guide for the SAT Grammar (for the New SAT)

3rd edition. — New York, 2015. — 210 p.

Introduction: How to use this book
SAT writing cheat sheet
Parts of speech
Preliminary exercise
Is it relevant? Adding, Deleting, and Revising Information
Sentence and paragraph order
Shorter is better
Diction, Idioms, and Register
Sentences and fragments
Combining and separating sentences: Periods, Semicolons, Commas, and Conjunctions
Non-Essential and Essential clauses
Additional commas uses and misuses
Colons and dashes
Apostrophes: Possessive vs. Plural
Pronoun and noun agreement
Cumulative review: All punctuation and transitions
Verbs: agreement and tense
Word Pairs and comparisons
Parallel structure
Dangling and misplaced modifiers
Relative pronouns: Who (m), Which, That, Where and When
Practice test
Answer Key

PS: I have posted the Grammar Workbook a quite while ago of the New Edition which can be used for the sake of practicing or even as a revision. This Ultimate Guide is probably the only available for now and is, as the name says, used as a guide to crack the new SAT Writing section. So, I do recommend using it with the Grammar Workbook in order to receive a deeper preparation if necessary. Also, you may notice that the table of content stops on » Answer Key ». However, if you download the book you will see in the table content’s section more topics after » Answer Key »: College Board Question by Category, College Board Question by Test, Appendix A: Adjective and Adverbs, Appendix B: Comparatives and Superlatives, Appendix C: Pronoun Case, Appendix D: Who vs. Whom, and About the Author. These topics are not presented in this e-book and do not compromise the quality of the learning or the content itself. Notice that they are just a summary of some topics seen throughout the book that the author found relevant to display as an appendix in the end. In addition, they can be easily found on the internet if you find it relevant. About the » About the Author », I would like to say that if you have the interest to know more about the author of the book you can find it on The quality of this book is readable (i.e you are able to understand what is written despite its scanned quality). As I know a lot of people want this book, I found it interesting to display once this may be the only one available.

Meltzer Erica L. The Ultimate Guide for the SAT Grammar (for the New SAT)

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