Moore J., Langley R. Chemistry for the Utterly Confused

McGraw-Hill, 2007. — 336 p.

We would like to dedicate this book to all our Utterly Confused students, past, present, and future, in hopes that this book will help reduce your level of confusion.
The very fact that you are reading this preface indicates that you will be taking (or are taking) a course in general chemistry. This guide is suitable for a college level general chemistry course as well as a high school chemistry course, especially AP Chemistry. It is also designed to assist someone in reviewing basic chemistry principles in preparing for a professional exam, proficiency exam, or the like.


Chemistry: First Steps.
Atoms, Ions, and Molecules.
Mass, Moles, and Equations.
Aqueous Solutions.
Quantum Theory and Electrons.
Periodic Trends.
Chemical Bonding.
Molecular Geometry and Hybridization.
Intermolecular Forces, Solids and Liquids.
Chemical Equilibria.
Acids and Bases.
Buffers and Other Equilibria.
Entropy and Free Energy.
Chemistry of the Elements.
Nuclear Chemistry.
Organic, Biochemistry, and Polymers.

Moore J., Langley R. Chemistry for the Utterly Confused

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