Green Randy. Crosswalk Coach for the Common Core State Standards. Mathematics. Grade 5

New York: Triumph Learning, 2011. — 286 p. — ISBN-13 978-0-7836-7849-8.

The new Crosswalk Coach for Mathematics provides an easy approach to teaching the Common Core State Standards and ensures that students will be prepared for these new requirements.


Operations and algebraic thinking..
Lesson 1 Write and Interpret Expressions.
Lesson 2 Order of Operations.
Lesson 3 Evaluate Expressions with Grouping Symbols.
Lesson 4 Patterns.
Lesson 5 Graph Patterns.
Number and operations in base ten..
Lesson 6 Multiply Whole Numbers.
Lesson 7 Divide Whole Numbers.
Lesson 8 Quotients as Equations.
Lesson 9 Read and Write Decimals.
Lesson 10 Compare Decimals.
Lesson 11 Round Decimals.
Lesson 12 Multiply and Divide by Powers of Ten.
Lesson 13 Add Decimals.
Lesson 14 Subtract Decimals.
Lesson 15 Multiply Decimals.
Lesson 16 Divide Decimals.
Number and operations-fractions..
Lesson 17 Equivalent Fractions.
Lesson 18 Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers.
Lesson 19 Add Fractions.
Lesson 20 Subtract Fractions.
Lesson 21 Understand Multiplication of Fractions.
Lesson 22 Multiply Fractions.
Lesson 23 Fractions as Division.
Lesson 24 Divide Fractions.
Measurement and data..
Lesson 25 Convert Customary Units.
Lesson 26 Convert Metric Units.
Lesson 27 Understand Volume.
Lesson 28 Volumes of Rectangular Prisms.
Lesson 29 Line Plots.
Lesson 30 Coordinate System.
Lesson 31 Ordered Pairs.
Lesson 32 Plane Figures.
Lesson 33 Triangles.
Lesson 34 Quadrilaterals.
Summative assessment.
Math tools.

Green Randy. Crosswalk Coach for the Common Core State Standards. Mathematics. Grade 5

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