Drinking Water Mystery: A Simple Test

[Лабораторная работа для старшеклассников. ]

Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center. 2006.
Lab work for secondary school students. Grade level: 4-12.
Different bodies of water have different chemical signatures. In Philadelphia the following parameters: alkalinity, calcium, chloride, conductivity, nitrate, potassium, silica, sodium, total solids and sulfate, are ususally different for the Schuylkill and Delaware waters. Labs analyze many aspects of the water to ensure good clean drinking water quality is maintained, some analysis is required by law, or for public health and/or for aesthetics.

Using prepared sample solutions and test strips, students will measure the sample’s pH, alkalinity and chlorine to determine which one is safe
enough to drink. Students will discover that through a series of simple tests, they can determine which water sample is safe to drink. They will discover that the Philadelphia Water Department also runs a series of scientific tests on a regular basis to ensure good quality drinking water.

Drinking Water Mystery: A Simple Test

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